As human innovation takes on a new dimension, a lot of things appear to be getting smaller, hip, chic and wireless. From phones and microphones to internet connection, these devices have gotten another pattern nowadays – from wired to wireless. From a series of tangled wires and bulky size, these devices have evolved into simpler however chic look.

Even with headphones, the ones that are utilized to listen to walkmans, cell phones and discmans have taken the next step. Make way for the new wireless earbuds. Earin wireless earbuds like current phones and laptops use bluetooth technology, which can connect wirelessly to your bluetooth-capable mobile phones, some mp3 gadgets can likewise be utilized simultaneously with this Earin wireless earbuds.

The Advantages

Why choose wireless earbuds over the wired ones? Basically, wireless earbuds are very convenient and easy to utilize. It is light, sleek and sophisticated in appearance. It fits your ears snugly and effortlessly. While strolling, writing paper works, jogging or even drinking coffee, you can easily hear your jam without uneasiness with Earin wireless earbuds.

As a result of its size and exceptional innovation, the bluetooth earbuds can be kept almost anywhere. It is not surprising that many individuals are currently getting hooked with this new technology. Something else that makes these wireless devices exceptional is that it fits comfortably in your ears that you won’t feel that you’re wearing it. A more variable factor about this kind of earphones is the way that you don’t need to manage long wires. These wires cause bother as they take some time to untangle and straighten.

The Disadvantages

Charging – Despite the convenience of this wireless earbuds, the device need to be charged before it can be utilized by the user and will only last for two hours at most which may not be enough for user.

In spite of the fact that these Earin wireless earbuds are presently the object of longing among device and music fan, you might need to consider some of its disadvantages before hurrying to purchase one. This will prevent futile spending of cash and dissatisfaction over the item.

Since these wireless earphones don’t utilize wires to connect it to your main gadget, it has a high risk of getting misplaced and lost, let alone its small size. Unlike its older models, these bluetooth earbuds have complicated but sensitive circuitry which may easily get broken because of the effect brought on via reckless taking care of and dropping.

These wireless earbuds really have clearly made a boundary among its previous models. Nonetheless, picking between wireless and wired earbuds highly depends upon every individual’s taste. With these most recent earphone models, listening to music will never be the same again.

Video Reviews

My Reviews After Getting a Pair for Myself

Earin Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds


  1. The sound quality is good and in fact better than my existing Apple and Jabra earbuds.
  2. You can’t pick up a call nor control your volume using these earbuds.
  3. Fit nicely even while walking.
  4. Sometime the signal do get interrupt in outdoor but this is a common issue with Bluetooth devices.
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