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  1. FBML is tough code… just came out and I’m lovin it. Code free!!

  2. am not seeing any ADD ANOTHER FBML BOX. What gives? In the Edit Page on FB FAn Page then into the FBML App… in Firefox (and tried Explorer too) and

    • danF, the FBML App still works the same way except that the tabs are shifted to the left hand side of the screen as links due to the recent upgrade of Facebook.

  3. Hello,

    I have a problem, I can’t find the “Add another FBML Box link. Where is it??


    • The FBML page has become obsolete. Try to use iFrame instead and you can create more sophisticated content by linking them from another server.


  5. If I am not using facebook fan page. Can I still use iframe.
    Actually I create a facebook page for the church, so when I set up account I used business area. However, I want to create a welcome page – landing page so that’s why I got app-iframe. After, copy and paste the HTML, I cannot edit or add any information. I got a message down below but I don’t know what’s that “You will only see one editor box after enabling FBML mode. You can create fans-only content by wrapping it in tags. The content inside these tags make up the content that will be on your fans-only tab.”

    Please help and this is my first time and I never study any web design

    • Hi Wing, the content inserted under the “Fans-only” can only be viewed if someone click on “Like” button on your Facebook Fan page.

    • Hi Krausey, I believe you’re allowed to insert one static HTML iframe tab only using this app. You can try to search for other app to insert another HTML iframe tab or you can learn to develop your own app which you can 100% customize your own tabs.

    • I finally managed to track this down. You can in fact add more than one tab using this.

      When in the editor, there is the gold colored FAQ & Help Center link up top. Clicking it reveals another option > How do I add more than one tab?

      Clicking the link to add the 2nd, 3rd… so on will activate new tabs just as the original did.

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