Twitter opens a new door for you to get in touch directly with companies, celebrities, and people of authority in a certain way.  You can start tweeting on the things that you like and topics that might interest you. Try to be focus and concentrate on a certain topic, hobby or research instead of simply just tweeting with no direction at all. This will make your tweets more unique and valuable to people.

The most successful people and brands using Twitter are the ones who use Twitter as an on-going, open, and though-provoking conversation rather than just a broadcast medium. You should try to be responsive to your customer if you’re using Twitter for marketing purpose. Your followers will increase gradually in time if people find your tweets useful and valuable.

Do you know that you can use Twitter to do research just like when you’re searching for answers using Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo? Look up to Twitter’s Trending Topics list to find out what is hot and popular on Twitter.

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