Creating viral video content is the key to engage your visitors more and making them to stay longer on your sites. So what should you create for the video content then?

Well, you can create online seminars (also known as webinars) to share your knowledge. Upload useful and good video tutorials for learning reference. Create some online teasers to promote certain up-coming campaigns or events. Putting up videos captured from conferences or exhibitions and more. 

 Below are some good examples of how you can create interesting and effective viral video content.


Viral Video Content – Product Catalog *Click on the video above.

Free People, a clothing boutique for young women successfully create a series of viral video content for its catalog on YouTube.

Accentuate on “Freedom to Wear”, the branding is ingenious convey across well across its website, blog shop, Facebook andYouTube. This demonstrates that creating viral video content for YouTube requires measured planning and execution to kick off well.


Viral Video Content – Teach how to Use and Not Just Selling is a good example of a great marketing idea for online stores. Instead of just simply providing product information, it also includes a short video clip to teach customers on how to use the product.

This is  especially crucial if your target audience are male customers. Guys are usually less tend to seek for advice when comes to cosmetic products. The “how to use” videos actually will encourage them to try out the products and boosting the sales.


Viral Video Content – Herbal Essences Facebook Fan Page

A look at how Herbal Essences brilliantly construct their Facebook Fan Pages based on their target audience geographic location. There is no need for over whelming visual aspects for the Facebook Fan Page. Just a clear tagline and precise image along with products introduction, promotions and campaign highlights will be adequate for a start.

Herbal Essences Australia and New Zealand

Herbal Essences Malaysia & Singapore


Viral Video Content – Inquisitive minds, Honda Branding

 Join the inquisitive minds at Honda and journey into the unknown with climbers, divers, scientists, astronauts, engineers and other modern-day explorers. A nice documentary with strong branding.



Viral Video Content –  Shoot or Don’t Shoot?

A good example of how to create interactive viral video content on Youtube.


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