I have been using Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus as my movie making software before this new release. Movie Edit Pro MX Plus is exactly 3 times faster than Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus. I highly recommend to upgrade for those who are particular about speed for your movie making software.

Besides the speed enhancement, the new Movie Edit Pro MX Plus also came in with new improved overall performance in term of user interfaces accessibilities and video editing tools functionalities. The new preview rendering makes your editing work on the timeline a breeze as compared to the previous version. Most importantly, the new Movie Edit Pro MX Plus is running more stable ever than before which is a crucial factor for all movie making software. There are also many new high quality templates included in this new release. 

Magix are currently running a crossgrade offer with a 50% reduction in price. Hurry up and click on the link below to grab this offer!

Movie Making Software 50% Offer for Movie Edit Pro Plus


Movie Edit Pro MX Plus – Movie Making Software Thumbnail Preview

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