Here are some of the photo shooting tips which I personally find them useful when shooting with Sony Nex 5. I do hope that my photo shooting tips will be useful to all Sony Nex 5 users out there.

1. Setting up the “Auto Review” to 2 sec under the Setup allows you to preview the image each time after a shot.

2. Enable the “Grid Line” under Setup can assist you when composing an image using the rule of third.

3. Setting the “Soft key B” to ISO under Setup allows you to switch to the different ISO easily to different lighting environment. This setting is extremely useful for users who prefer to shoot in Manual mode.

4. By default, Sony Nex 5 is set to Auto White Balance which works quite well for most lighting situations. However, you can set your own White Balance using the “White Balance Custom Setup” under Brightness/Color. Simply point and shoot your camera to a grey card to set your White Balance manually.

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