Recently, I bought myself a new Sony NEX 5 DSLR digital camera as a Christmas present. In fact I’m just trying to pick up photography after 5 years of consistent graphic design. I can still vaguely remember the days where I’m still working as a photographer half a decade ago. So where’s my passion now?

Based on a limited budget, I actually don’t have much cash left for any extra accessories for the new camera. Luckily, the offer comes with a standard lens (18 – 55mm) and a wide angle lens (16mm) which is sufficient enough for a start. Tumbling through my old cameras and accessories, I suddenly have a thought of maybe my Hoya filters can still be of some usage as I do recalled that Sony NEX 5 allows you to attach any of your A-mount lenses via a mount adapter.

So, I assume that there shouldn’t be any issue using my existing Hoya filters on my new Sony NEX 5 camera, right? I realize that the default lens diameter for the camera is 49 where else most of my Hoya filters are either 52 or 58. Thus, I need a filter adapter and luckily, I do have one for 49 to 52. Well, now at least I can save some bucks using back the Hoya filters for polarizer, UV and some cross stars effects.

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