Do you know that you can improve your Google AdSense result on your WordPress blog with just a little effort using Google Analytics and your existing Google AdSense account?

This is how it works. First of all, you will need to create a Google Analytics account to track your blog content traffic. Under Google Analytics, expand the Site Content under Content and select All Pages. You will then be able to know which page based on a certain topic (E.g. How to setup WordPress?) is the most popular content of your blog. Thus, it will be logic to serve your majority targeted audience with the type of ads (E.g. Internet, Technology, Social Media and etc.) which may interest them and make them click.

Now, go to your Google AdSense account to do the following settings.

  1. Click on Allow & block ads and edit the Sensitive categories under Blocking options.
  2. To make things easier, I will recommend to block all the sensitive categories from appearing on your WordPress blog.
  3. Now, go to the General categories to further restrict the type of ads. Here, you’re only allow to block up to maximum 50 categories inclusive the sub categories.
  4. Here, I will suggest you to start blocking with the most irrelevant category first, and slowly path into the other categories.
  5. To further restrict the type of ads from appearing on your WordPress blog, you can insert and block the advertiser URLs under Advertiser URLs.
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