What is good contentGood content is something which interest and benefit people in some way. People aren’t going to read up just because you, the author thinks that your content is vital and important. They will skip if they personally feel that your content is a waste of  time.

Good content require a lot of assembling and organizing. Try not to bore the readers with deep buried content. Keep it short and clear. SEO-centric writing can also lead to poor structured content with lots of stuffed keywords or phrases. So beware! Lastly, injecting a bit of humor to your content can interest your audience but not to the extend of redundant humor.

No matter how well your site is optimized for SEO, content is still the King. You can get good search ranking result for a couple of weeks initially after your site is optimized and submitted to the major search engines. But without useful and original content, your search ranking will slowly be drifted further each day to the extend where searchers are unable to find your site.

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